Al is a very creative person who has great ideas on design, and also understands the mechanics of websites. He created my logo, designed my website and my stationery. He was also in charge of my website re-design after 7 years oof the old website. Great experience.

—  John McMaster


McMaster Law Offices LLC partnered with Bergeron Creative Studios for a comprehensive rebranding, covering logo, stationery, folder, website, and social media. Additionally, Bergeron extended their expertise to create a distinct brand for McMaster’s subsidiary, Legal Focus Groups.

Branding Strategy:

Focused on professionalism, the new logo, stationery, and folder designs instilled trust and confidence, emphasizing legal excellence.

Website & Social Media:

The user-friendly website highlighted legal expertise, attorney profiles, and client testimonials. Social media integration enhanced online visibility and engagement.

Legal Focus Groups:

Bergeron crafted a unique brand identity, including a distinctive logo and an informative website, establishing a clear identity for the subsidiary.


The collaboration resulted in a successful rebranding, enhancing McMaster Law Offices’ professional image and providing a distinct identity for Legal Focus Groups.


Bergeron Creative Studios showcased expertise in comprehensive rebranding, creating cohesive visual identities for McMaster Law Offices and its subsidiary, Legal Focus Groups.


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