Our website launched and Discovery Channel called–that’s all you need to know about Bergeron Creative.

—  Charlie Wilson, Proprietor, Kill’em-n-Grill’em BBQ


Bergeron Creative Studios transformed Kill’em-n-Grill’em BBQ, a start-up founded by the Wilson brothers, into a powerful brand known for finely crafted sauces and rubs.

Branding Highlights:

Niche targeting: the biker barbecue lifestyle.

Fierce bull skull logo with flames, tagline “Good to the Bone.”

Personal touch with a signature photograph of the brothers.

Print & Packaging:

Award-winning retro biker/diner packaging.

Unique names and labels for sauces, featuring captivating “Goddess” characters.

3-pack box set “Goddesses of Summer” for customer engagement.

Digital Impact:

Website launch led to an offer from City Lights Media for a TV appearance.

Internet and search marketing showcased the brand to potential opportunities.

Media Campaign:

Humorous and attitude-filled animated ads: “Smoking Hot Chicks” and “Bone Lick’n Good.”

Products & Accessories:

Full line of clothing and BBQ accessories promoting the biker barbecue lifestyle.

Award-winning BBQ Buddy™.


Sales soared from 0 to 100 after the website launch.

Discovery Channel interest highlighted the brand’s success.

Client Testimonial:

Charlie Wilson: “Our website launched and Discovery Channel called — that’s all you need to know about Bergeron Creative.”


Bergeron Creative Studios’ strategic branding approach propelled Kill’em-n-Grill’em BBQ into a standout brand, exceeding sales goals and attracting attention from major media channels so they could win!

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