Bergeron gets results with the most innovative ideas, design and writing in the creative industry.

—  Scott Chalmers, President, Spyglass Printing

Turning a “new media” page


Spyglass Printing, a print management expert with over 25 years of experience, partnered with Bergeron Creative Studios to enhance its brand presence in MetroWest and Boston. The goal was to position Spyglass as a unique print broker offering integrated media solutions.

Branding Strategy:

Bergeron Creative crafted a distinctive brand positioning with the tagline “One Partner Endless Possibilities” and a logo featuring a spyglass graphic and CMYK/RGB bands, emphasizing versatility in print and digital projects.

Print and Digital Elements:

A high-end sales brochure showcased print trustworthiness, while an animated website with an interactive capabilities brochure mirrored print collateral. Social media channels and local search optimization complemented the online strategy.


Spyglass Printing emerged as a dominant force for integrated media solutions in MetroWest and Boston, experiencing business growth and positive client feedback.


Bergeron Creative Studios’ comprehensive approach successfully elevated Spyglass Printing’s brand, blending print and digital elements seamlessly for increased visibility and business expansion.

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