"There are sales goals, because winning matters!" —  Al Bergeron, President


Heywood Homes, a construction company offering diverse services, collaborated with Bergeron Creative Studios for a comprehensive brand overhaul.

Branding Highlights:

Logo Redesign:

Integrated elements representing each service for a unified identity.

Website Revamp:

User-friendly site showcasing services and craftsmanship.

Social Media:

Extended consistent branding to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Business Cards:

Professional design featuring the new logo and essential contact details.

Vehicle Graphics:

Mobile advertisements with striking visuals and key messaging.

Job Site Signs:

Identified projects while serving as brand ambassadors.

Apparel Design:

Unified team appearance with custom-designed apparel.


The brand transformation enhanced recognition, client trust, and professionalism for Heywood Homes.


Bergeron Creative Studios’ cohesive approach successfully rebranded Heywood Homes, showcasing their versatility in the construction industry through a unified visual identity so they could win!



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