When we hired Bergeron, I wasn’t sure about Internet marketing–in just 3 months inquires increased by 50%.

—  Jane Fraier, Partner, Fraier & Maillet, P.C.

Fraier & Maillet, P.C., a family law practice, collaborated with Bergeron Creative Studios to spotlight their divorce mediation services through a rebranding campaign.

Branding Highlights:

New logotype symbolizing unity.

Tagline: “Your Family Matters” emphasizes family-centric mediation.

Print & Digital Elements:

Elegant folder, stationery, and partner profile sheets.

WordPress-based website with videos, e-book, and informative pages.

Social media extension (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Search Optimization:

Blogging strategy and local collaborations for backlinks.

Local search optimization on Google My Business and directories.


Successful growth in divorce mediation practice.

Leads from qualified prospects.

Client Testimonial:

Jane Fraier praises Bergeron Creative’s expertise and dedication to understanding their profession and identity, resulting in a beautiful website and a successful social media campaign.


Bergeron Creative Studios’ holistic approach effectively rebranded Fraier & Maillet, P.C., reinforcing their commitment to family-focused legal services and driving growth in their mediation practice so they could win!

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