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Client Goals:

Buffalo Barry’s Indian Art sought a brand transformation that celebrated Native American art and appealed to a diverse audience. Bergeron Creative Studios was enlisted for a comprehensive rebranding initiative.

Branding Elements:

Logo Creation:

Culturally respectful design inspired by Native American symbolism.

Website Development:

User-friendly interface showcasing diverse Native American artworks.

Emphasis on storytelling and artist profiles for a deeper connection.

Business Cards:

Tangible representation echoing the logo’s aesthetics.

Key contact information and a tagline promoting art preservation.

YouTube Channel Launch:

Engaging content with behind-the-scenes glimpses and artist interviews.

Promoted a deeper understanding of Native American art.


The collaboration resulted in a revitalized brand, resonating with art enthusiasts and culturally conscious individuals. The cohesive elements contributed to an enriched brand experience.


Bergeron Creative Studios successfully translated Buffalo Barry’s Indian Art’s vision into a cohesive brand identity, positioning the gallery as a prominent hub for Native American art appreciation. The collaboration exemplifies the studio’s ability to authentically represent clients’ values through impactful branding so he could win!

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