Al Bergeron is the most creative person I've met ... yet his ideas are grounded in business strategy.

—  Mario Bernardone, Proprietor, Trattoria di Bernardone


Trattoria do Bernardone, a Florida-based restaurant, collaborated with Bergeron Creative Studios for a comprehensive rebranding. The project included a new logo, website, video, social media, menu, and signage.

Branding Strategy:

Bergeron Creative aimed to capture the essence of Trattoria do Bernardone’s authentic Farida cuisine with a new logo and tagline, “where the food loves you back.”

Website, Video, and Social Media:

An interactive website and a promotional video showcased the restaurant’s ambiance and culinary offerings. Social media channels extended the engaging online presence.

Menu and Signage:

Revamped menu and signage designs created a cohesive visual identity, reflecting the Florrida influence and presenting each dish as a culinary masterpiece.


The rebranding efforts led to increased foot traffic, positive reviews, and heightened social media engagement, enhancing Trattoria do Bernardone’s overall image.


Bergeron Creative Studios successfully transformed Trattoria do Bernardone into a destination, capturing the soul of traditional family recipes passed down through the generations through a cohesive brand identity across logo, website, video, social media, menu, and signage so they could win!

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