"There are sales goals, because winning matters!" —  Al Bergeron, President

Client Goals:

Bergeron Brothers Electrical aimed to modernize its brand while preserving its legacy. Bergeron Creative Studios undertook the challenge to revamp the brand across various touchpoints.

Branding Elements:

Logo Redesign:

Blended modern aesthetics with industry relevance.

Bold typography and a sleek circuit icon.

Website Overhaul:

User-centric design for optimal user experience.

Showcased expertise through a project portfolio.

Business Cards:

Portable brand representation with a QR code.

Minimalist design featuring the new logo.

Social Media Integration:

Strategically managed profiles for increased visibility.

Regular updates and engaging content.

Vehicle Graphics:

Transformed fleet into mobile billboards.

Striking visuals for on-the-go brand promotion.

Lawn Signs:

Local visibility through strategically placed signs.

Consistent design for brand recall.


The rebranding efforts led to increased brand recognition and trust. The cohesive strategy across channels created a unified brand identity, showcasing professionalism and reliability so they could win!

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