“I love the way Bergeron Creative looks at Bello Opticians; they just bring such a different perspective.”

—  Nick Bello, Optician, Bello Opticians


Bello Opticians, Worcester’s premier eyewear retailer, partnered with Bergeron Creative Studios to enhance its online presence and maintain a positive reputation. The focus was on transparent digital strategies and engaging happy customers as brand advocates.


Differentiated Bello by emphasizing customers shaping their personal brand with eyewear.

Created the tagline “WHAT’S YOUR VISION?” for customer-centric focus and developed a versatile brand identity.

Designed impactful business cards and merchandise bags to bridge the online and physical store experiences.


Award-winning business cards featured unique Bello logos and vibrant electric green color.

Eye-catching merchandise bags carried the tagline, creating a visual impact.

Digital & Social Media:

Technicolor website showcased high-fashion photos and engaged visitors in personal reflections.

Social media portrayed Bello as a family-oriented brand, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of eyewear curation.


Significant business increase post-website launch, considering online contact lens sales.

Retained “Best of Worcester” title by Worcester Magazine readers.

Award-winning branding campaign received national and international creative excellence recognition.


Bergeron Creative Studios’ integrated branding approach led to a substantial business boost for Bello Opticians, enhancing its online presence, and garnering recognition through awards so they could win!

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