Bergeron Creative researched our industry and developed a website that immediately started delivering results!

—  Henry Agri


Henry Agri, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, sought Bergeron Creative Studios to create a brand identity that reflects his expertise in mental health, including specialties like OCD, PTSD, and services for Police, Fire, and First Responders.


Researched mental health market trends and specific challenges faced by first responders.

Positioned Henry Agri as a compassionate professional with a focus on diverse mental health services.

Developed a clean logo, calming color palette, and custom graphics for inclusivity.

Crafted empathetic messaging for marketing materials and website.


Recognizable Brand: Henry Agri’s brand now exudes trust and professionalism.

Increased Clientele: Targeted branding attracted a diverse clientele seeking mental health support.

Positive Feedback: Clients praised the brand’s effectiveness in conveying empathy and expertise.

Community Engagement: Successfully engaged with the community, especially first responders.


Bergeron Creative Studios delivered a concise and effective brand identity, enhancing Henry Agri’s professional image and driving community engagement so he could win!


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