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Rezvani & Males Associates are dedicated and experienced litigation attorneys located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The firm handles every case with personal attention and an eagerness to listen and address each client’s individual issues and concerns. 

Rezvani & Males practice areas include personal injury, family & divorce law, criminal law and more.

Rezvani & Males wanted to rebrand their firm to communicate to prospective clients that they would provide fierce representation while keeping clients informed every step of the way.















The competition for law firms in Worcester can be overwhelming to prospective clients, with each firm seemingly offering what matters most. Bergeron Creative cut through the clutter with a preemptive brand positioning for Rezvani & Males as the law firm providing fierce representation while keeping clients informed every step of the way. This brand position is supported by the tagline, “Law You Understand.”

We developed an iconic brandmark for the firm using their initials “RM” to create a dramatic letterform that forms the shape of a “pillar.”.















We created a new stationery system that serves to reinforce their new brand identity and positioning.















We worked with the firm’s existing WordPress website to make it consistent with their rebranding program by updating brand messaging and images. In addition, we expanded the “Practice Areas” section of the website to include a page for each service and added a contact form.















We branded social media channels for Rezvani & Males that includes Facebook and LinkedIn. The channels served as an extension of the website and provide a place where clients can interact with the brand by asking questions and leaving recommendations.















In order to best optimize for organic search, we created and published many new “Practice Areas” pages, to account for web users searching for a specific area of law in the Worcester area. We created a template for this page type and added written copy explaining how Rezvani & Males works with clients in a specific practice area while including geo-targeted keywords to drive search traffic from Google and other search engines.


This bold rebranding effort allows Rezvani & Males to stand out from the crowded field of attorneys. It contains strong brand identity and positioning that will set them up for success.

According to Jade Rezvani, Partner, Rezvani & Males Associates, “I was lucky enough to work with Al Bergeron after receiving glowing recommendations from a couple of colleagues who had worked with Bergeron Creative Studios in the past. Our firm was looking to rebrand itself and make our presence—in both the physical and digital world—more prominent.”  

“I was clueless and overwhelmed … until I met Al. The first thing I really appreciated was his willingness to come up with a branding and marketing package that fit within our budget, offering multiple options and price points to ensure we were comfortable with our new marketing endeavors.” 

“Al’s vast knowledge of the branding process, his ability to explain concepts in layman’s terms, offering creative suggestions based on the specific needs of our firm and what we wanted to portray to potential clients, allowed us to be as involved in the creative process as we liked.”  

“Al is unrelenting in tapping into the needs of his clients. During the creation of our firm’s logo, Al said to me, ‘When you see your logo, I want you to love it, and will work on it until you do!’ Well, Al not only created a logo I love, but seamlessly rebranded the entire face of our firm, allowing us to build our client base and become a force in our industry. Thank you, Al!!”




Al Bergeron is President and Chief Creative Officer at Bergeron Creative Studios, a Boston-area branding firm that integrates interactive, social media and Internet marketing into an engaging force that helps clients win.

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