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Relevant Insight is a start-up media search agency that helps customers choose the appropriate firm for their advertising needs.  We conducted a thorough competitive analysis of all the advertising agency consultants. Interestingly, considering these firms worked within the world of ideas, their images were pretty staid and their service offerings were broad.


Given the competitive landscape, we sought to position Relevant Insight as the leading experts in the practice of media agency search consulting and media agency relationship management.

We developed an integrated and cross-platform campaign that tangibly communicates the benefits of their services. The content engages the viewer because salient marketing messages are punctuated with compelling images and copy.


The print communications served two purposes: direct response and collateral. Each consultancy practice had its own focused piece to be used as a direct mail follow-up or promotion. These brochures could also be packaged together to create a corporate capabilities presentation.


A website was developed using relevant and educational content. We employed both paid placement and organic SEO as part of the search strategy. Informative articles were developed to educate the target audience on the benefits of these services and delivered in an email campaign.

Proprietary Process

In order to take the “fluffiness” out of their service offering and make them more tangible we documented their consultancy practices. The methodologies became a suite of proprietary tools called AD-FOCUS™. We procured the phone number (877) AD-FOCUS to help reinforce the branding effort.


Al Bergeron is President and Chief Creative Officer at Bergeron Creative Studios, a Boston-area branding firm that integrates interactive, social media and Internet marketing into an engaging force that helps clients win.

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