“We like the way Bergeron Creative thinks—big picture and different.” 

—  Eben Berry, President, Cyber Inspectors™ LLC

Bergeron Creative is an award-winning agency that has three decades of experience producing videos. One of the best ways to raise brand awareness is through the use of videos. You can convey your brand message quickly and easily, in a format that people prefer, enjoy, and share from social media channels like YouTube.

Our videos increase the likelihood people will purchase your products or services. The Wharton School of Business found that sales prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when a video is involved. Videos are effective because they entertain and instruct your consumers. 

Another reason video is so effective has to do with how well it ranks organically on search engines like Google. Our collaborative team will work with you to create compelling videos for your brand utilizing our CREATEGY branding.

Our Video Services

  • Script Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • On-Location Shooting
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Production and Editing
  • Audio and Sound

If you have any questions or challenges related to your branding, we’d be happy to discuss how our video services can help.

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