"In the mind of consumers—brand perception is reality."

—  Al Bergeron, President

Our goal at Bergeron Creative is to become your strategic creative partner. We bring a fresh perspective to each assignment; to invent brands, to reignite brands, to create marketing momentum. Our strength is implementing our CREATEGY branding process to integrate your vision with branding and creativity into an engaging, unified force that makes you the only choice for the target audience. 

Brand Strategy

Does your consumer know who you are? Does your consumer know what makes you different and more valuable to them? In order to raise awareness, and gain a foothold in the market, you need a brand that others will recognize. One of the benefits of a strong brand strategy is it will become a beacon assisting in creating a loyal fan base.

The right branding strategy will help improve visibility for your organization, product or service, as well as help you build a good reputation and eventually encourage loyalty in consumers. It’s much easier for consumers to recommend a brand when they can refer to a specific brand name, brandmark or tagline.

The function of branding is to shape your consumer’s’ beliefs about your corporate or institution in order to influence them to take specific actions. These actions lead to brand goals like buying your product or service.

Rebranding Services

Our rebranding process changes these associations through alterations that transform your existing brand. The intention of rebranding is to create a new, more desirable brand in the eyes of consumers.

When we begin a rebranding project, it is critical to us to qualify brand equity. Brand equity is both the positive and negative associations by the consumer to the brand’s name, brandmark, tagline, and other attributes. Rebranding communicates that your organization is changing to fit your customers’ needs.

Rebranding helps increase the appeal to new audiences. We conduct Closed-Loop™ focus groups with current and prospective audiences to garner feedback on your rebranding strategy before you launch. 

Our Brand Strategy Services

  • BrandStorming™ Workshop
  • Brand Research
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy and Planning
  • Brand Blueprint
  • Key Differentiation Factors
  • Brand Positioning 
  • Touchpoint Path

If you have any questions or challenges related to your branding, we’d be happy to discuss how our brand strategy services can help. 

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