Our Fraier & Maillet video series gets 10 out of 10 in the 2020 American Web Design Awards

New York, NY—Graphic Design USA, the premier news magazine for graphic designers and creative professionals, recognized Bergeron Creative Studios and Mike Savino Film/Video with an award for their 10-part video series for Fraier & Maillet, P.C. National entries in Graphic Design USA’s 2020 American Web Design Awards rose to nearly 2,000 this year—a record—with a highly selective top 10% recognized as winners.

The award-winning series of videos about the divorce mediation process features Jane Fraier and Monique Maillet and is entitled “Ending Marriages Together.”

For nearly six decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored national competitions that spotlight the most important, fastest-growing and valuable areas of design for business and society. The American Web Design Awards has taken its rightful place amongst online design competitions and has grown quickly into one of the most frequent sources of projects for professional graphic designers.

About Bergeron Creative Studios

Bergeron Creative is a nationally recognized, award-winning creative agency because we brand different! Using our CREATEGY branding process, we’ve helped academic institutions and businesses just like yours differentiate themselves from their competition to increase sales. For three decades, fresh ideas grounded in smart strategic thinking have allowed us to invent and reignite brands to achieve measurable marketing results.

About Mike Savino Film/Video

Mike Savino Film/Video has produced thousands of film and video programs for local, regional and national clients in retail, high tech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and television.

About Fraier & Maillet, P.C.

Fraier & Maillet, P.C., is a family law practice dedicated to helping couples develop creative solutions to their ever-changing needs. The firm has handled thousands of cases, bringing client-centered, responsive and results-driven strategies to every situation.

About Graphic Design USA

Graphic Design USA is celebrating its 57th anniversary as the news and ideas magazine for creative professionals, and as an organizer of design competitions that spotlight areas of growth and opportunity for the creative community.

About American Web Design Awards

The American Web Design Awards—part of Graphic Design USA, a news magazine for graphic designers and other creative professionals—recognizes excellence in websites, online communications, apps, social media, videos and more.


Al Bergeron is President and Chief Creative Officer at Bergeron Creative Studios, a Boston-area branding firm that integrates interactive, social media and Internet marketing into an engaging force that helps clients win.

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