“What consumers say about your brand is more important than what you say.”

—  Al Bergeron, President

We are proud to share our reviews to let you know what people have been saying about Bergeron Creative over the past 35 years.

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than when a client writes us a testimonial or refers us to a colleague or friend.

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“Working with Bergeron Creative, I more than doubled the response rate to our search—in my first year at Becker.”

— Brian Davis, Dean of Admissions


“I love the way Bergeron Creative looks at Bello Opticians; they just bring such a different perspective.”

— Nick Bello, Optician


“No matter how excellent a recommendation I write for Al Bergeron, it will not be sufficient to wholly describe to a prospective client how much Al’s influence has affected our growth. Bernardone’s Trattoria is on board with Al and is once again excited about our future—Thanks Al!” 

“Al Bergeron is the most imaginative person I have ever met, and his out-of-the-box thinking is tempered by a logical set of strategies that are pointedly directed toward high-end, long-term success.”

“Al makes you appear classier, smarter, more efficient, brighter and better than you believe you are—and then, eventually, you start to believe Al’s dream. The reality is that you’ve become the success that Al envisioned from the beginning! If your business needs catapulting, or if you’re convinced a change would be painful—Bergeron Creative Studios is definitely the first call you need to make!”

— Mario Bernardone, Proprietor


“Al Bergeron worked with us at Briarwood College to create a new website and logo for the college, along with advertising. His creative designs and ingenuity helped us build strong student enrollments and revenue. I highly recommend Al for any marketing and design work that a company needs.”

— Jack LeConche, Dean of Administration


“Al Bergeron and Bergeron Creative Studios created our Indian art website about 5 years ago. Al has an excellent team that helped from start to finish with the site. He has creative design professionals who assisted with the look of the website. The overall feel perfectly matched the material we sell. And the team oversaw the technical side of implementation, and tech support afterwards.” 

“Our website features Native Americans from many tribes, especially from the Southwestern U.S. Al met with us extensively and took the time to understand our passion for the material and how we’d like it to be displayed. His creative team came up with a great background consisting of Southwestern colors and a buffalo motif. Let’s face it: This can’t have been a common request in New England, yet they met the challenge.” 

“The overall website has given us a professional presence on the web and in the Indian art world. The site is easy to manage and it has a convenient shopping cart.” 

“Also, Al has been responsive when there have been occasional tech problems, and he has taken the time to make sure our security features are up to date.” 

“We give Bergeron Creative Studios our highest recommendation.”

— Barry Walsh, Owner


“I discovered that real creativity in very, very few people. Fortunately, Al Bergeron and his team are among those few.”

— Kristin Tichenor, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions


“Having worked with Al Bergeron for over 20 years, I can say that the quality of service/creative/ in print or web, is superb. He listens to the client, comes in on budget and has detailed knowledge of the educational arena. I highly recommend him.”

— Julie Parent, Director of Admissions


“Since working with Bergeron Creative, we’ve totally changed our approach to advertising and have seen steady increases in enrollment.”

— Thomas Massey, Dean


“We like the way Bergeron Creative thinks—big picture and different.” 

— Eben Berry, President


“Al Bergeron provided some of the most useful tools and insights for recruiting that we have had. His expertise and creativity are greatly enhanced by his ability to be professional and a pleasure to work with. The work Bergeron Creative did for us 10 years ago is still valuable today. I highly recommend Al and Bergeron Creative Studios.”

— Sue Ramey, Senior Designer


“We weren’t sure what could be done within our limited budget, but our highest expectations were exceeded because of Bergeron Creative’s ‘what if’ thinking.”

— Margery Lewis, Director of Graduate Admissions


“Working with Al Bergeron and his team at Bergeron Creative Studios to develop my integrated branding strategy was one of the best decisions I’ve made. In a short amount of time, Al and his team created a logo and site design that I absolutely love, and their creative marketing ideas seamlessly translate from digital to print media. They were also able to work with my schedule and budget. I should also say that working with Al on these projects never, ever felt like ‘work.’ I felt as though I was a true part of the creative process and team. – I am thrilled with the results.”

— Emily Roche, Writer


“Al’s company Bergeron Creative is Fishman Corporation’s marketing firm. They are professional, prompt and very creative. Their most recent work was redesigning Fishman’s website (www.fishmancorp.com).” 

“I am very pleased with the results. Al is a pleasure to work with, I endorse him and Bergeron Creative with the highest regard. (Insert blaring trumpets here!)”

— Scott Beebe, President


“We just completed a successful six-month-long rebranding project with Bergeron Creative! Al Bergeron and his team had created our website and print materials 15 years ago and helped us to establish and promote our brand. Bergeron Creative combined technical knowledge and artistic skill to develop a strategy specific to our business.” 

“Al made it his mission to familiarize himself with the inner workings of our profession and who we are so that he could accurately represent us to our target audience.” 

“A year ago, we decided to promote the mediation side of our law firm, and we contacted Al to update our website. Our new website is beautiful and our social media campaign is a great success as a result of the expertise of Al’s team. We couldn’t be more pleased with what Bergeron Creative has done for us!”

— Jane Fraier, Partner


“You can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to allow Al Bergeron and Bergeron Creative Studios to put your business ahead of your competition. I have to admit, when my law firm first met with Al, I was a bit apprehensive about the idea of redesigning our website. Al guided us through the process with such ease. Al’s ideas and plan for our website were innovative and unique. He not only redesigned our website, but he created a new logo and tagline, which were nothing short of impressive.” 

“Al really gets to know the company, your product/service and the client/customer base. We have seen results in just the few weeks since the website’s launch.” 

— Monique Maillet, Partner


“Our website launched and Discovery Channel called—that’s all you need to know about Bergeron Creative.” 

— Charlie Wilson, Proprietor 


“I wanted a firm that was small enough to regard us as an important client, yet big enough to provide the services we needed.”

“Hiring Bergeron Creative was one of the best professional decisions I have made.” 

 — Jane A. Raley, Director of Undergraduate Admissions


“Bergeron is thorough and professional with exceptional creativity. The calendars produce more inquiries than any other source.,” 

— Jennifer Warren, Assistant to the President


“I had the pleasure of working with Al Bergeron and his team on a range of projects while I was the marketing manager at Marian Court College. Al’s creative work for the College predated my tenure there and made my job much easier; thanks to his efforts, we had professional, polished print materials to help us recruit new students and publicize the school.” 

“The view book and quarterly calendar mailer that Al and his team designed were recognized by media outlets in the admissions communications field with excellence awards several years running, allowing our small college to be in the company of some widely recognized, prestigious institutions.” 

“I worked closely with Al to redesign and launch our website, which resulted in clean, modern graphics, streamlined menus, and a slick virtual view book. Al was also instrumental in updating our recruitment materials with polished photography of our graduates and students, and helped us craft effective testimonials with strong messages.” 

“Al’s body of work for the College spans 20 years, and his generous guidance and extensive higher education expertise have been enormous assets for the College. He is a motivating, positive force who achieves innovative, high-quality results on time and within budget, and helps those working with him to have fun along the way.”

— Nicole Goguen, Director of Marketing


“Al Bergeron created my webpage, logo and stationery as a complete package. This extended to email signature panels and designing ads for publication. It was a good process, with Al shouldering the bulk of the work and making recommendations to help with decisions. It has worked well for me and my office. My visibility has increased greatly with his products.”

— John McMaster, Attorney at Law


“The campaign Bergeron Creative Studios developed helped bring in work in a difficult economic climate.”

— Mike Lane, President


“Bergeron Creative understood exactly what we were looking for. They captured the essence of who we really are.” 

— Jim Kadra, Director


“I’ve been struggling with what to write as my recommendation for Bergeron Creative. How can I sum up succinctly what impact Al Bergeron’s work has had on my business? It goes deeper than websites and marketing materials.” 

“Al started working with our company over 25 years ago when my father was still living and active in the business. It was hard to impress him when it came to advertising, and Al Bergeron was the guy to do it. Since then, I’ve come to value and trust Al as a business partner and am proud to call him my friend.” 

“We’ve had countless frank and invaluable discussions about strategic planning. He understands our product and our industry because he immersed himself in our organization. And if you want someone with energy—hold onto your hats!”

— Miriam Sanderson, Treasurer


“Al-Vision. Al-Experience. Al-Results. Words that go together. I have had the pleasure of working with Al for 22 years as a photographer. While I did not always know ‘What I was doing,’ luckily, Al did. Whether it is trying to make the old look young, the building look cool or the snow look cold, Al always had the vision, patience and adaptability to make sure we could reach our common goal—and often surprising his clients by going beyond their expectations. Here is to 22 more years, Al.”

— Daniel Vaillancourt, Professional Photographer


“Bergeron Creative really took the time to learn about us. As a result, they were able to capture the feel and spirit of the school and produce pieces that inspired people to visit us.”

— Julie Abbiati, Director of Admissions


“Al Bergeron and his staff were responsible for all marketing efforts for my company Relevant Insight. They created the web site, not from a cookie- cutter template as others had suggested but from scratch. They also maintained and managed the SEO efforts for the site.”

“Al created our logo, designed and helped author all of our color brochures and direct mail, and basically acted as our marketing department from the idea phase of the company to fruition. I would recommend Al and his staff to anyone that wants and needs the personal attention to launch or advance their company.”

— John O’Connor, President


“I was lucky enough to work with Al Bergeron after receiving glowing recommendations from a couple of colleagues who had worked with Bergeron Creative Studios in the past. Our firm was looking to rebrand itself and make our presence, in both the physical and digital world, more prominent.”  

“I was clueless and overwhelmed…until I met Al. The first thing I really appreciated was his willingness to come up with a branding and marketing package that fit within our budget, offering multiple options and price points to ensure we were comfortable with our new marketing endeavors.” 

“Al’s vast knowledge of the branding process, his ability to explain concepts in layman’s terms, offering creative suggestions based on the specific needs of our firm and what we wanted to portray to potential clients, allowed us to be as involved in the creative process as we liked.”  

“Al is unrelenting in tapping into the needs of his clients.  During the creation of our firm’s logo, Al said to me, ‘When you see your logo, I want you to love it, and will work on it until you do!’ Well, Al not only created a logo I love, but seamlessly rebranded the entire face of our firm, allowing us to build our client base and become a force in our industry. Thank you, Al!!”

— Jade Rezvani, Partner


“We chose Bergeron Creative Studios because it was obvious they were willing to go the extra mile to make our website really special.”

“They have invested a lot of time with us on both the creative and site development strategy—they get our vision for the site and what makes Roche Bros. such a special place.”

— Dena Zigun, Director of Marketing


“The work that Bergeron Creative offers is outstanding. Al Bergeron and his team are professional, and the design, writing and especially the innovative ideas they offer are the best in the industry. I have worked with Al on both design and web production with great results. I strongly recommend Al and Bergeron Creative for all of your web production projects.”

— Scott Chalmers, President


“Our DIRTT movable walls and access floors allow us to get involved in the early stages of the planning process, which is valuable to our clients because our workspaces help them become even better.” 

“Bergeron Creative understands what makes us different and is helping bring that to the forefront of our online brand strategy.”

“Al Bergeron is a creative and strategic thinker. Bergeron Creative took the time to thoroughly research our industry and helped us to finely tune our marketing program. Our new website they developed is already delivering results!”

— Dave Cvitkovich, Principal


“Our experiences with Al have always been surprisingly creative and beyond our expectations. The first time we worked with Al he helped rebrand our company and collateral materials, which sharpened our image. More recently, we engaged Al to update our website, which we are extremely pleased with.”

— Randy Saville, Principal


“Bergeron Creative produced a very attractive brochure—in record time and within budget. They helped us think strategically about our audience and the most effective messages to convey. The brochure was so successful that a donor gave us a $100,000 gift after reading it—on the first day it arrived!”

— Mark Drozdowski, Writer


“We’re thrilled with how the design works so well with the copy. Everything came together so perfectly.” 

— Christine Looby, Director of Marketing


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